Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, fitness levels, skin problems, mental health issues, low energy, poor sleep, menopause mania, or anti ageing, I am here to support you in your search for the best possible version of you!

Total  MindBody  Reboot


I use various approaches to suit your nutritional needs and desires.

There is no one size fits all here. 

I've been qualified in Nutritional Therapy for over 15 years and am passionate about superfoods and herbs.


More importantly, I've lived through a lot of the personal issues that affect us all - self image, weight issues, stress, pregnancy, birth, parenting, multiple life changes, and everything in between!

I know how hard it can be at times, and our best intentions for ourselves can go walkabout. This is why having a guide is of immense value.

I work with you so that you understand what is going on, to equip you for the future whilst resolving the current problem.

Although the main thrust here is regarding nutrition, there is so much more contained within this site. Many wellness led modalities are intertwined. 


Casa Crua is a place of healing, you will find much free information on the various pages. I am happy to answer any queries you may have concerning anything posted on here.

In addition, I write freelance on health, spirituality, mindfulness, exercise, holistic modalities, and anything that falls within these parameters both as myself as as a ghost.


Contact me for a free initial discussion of your requirements 



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